Thursday, October 7, 2010

ambulances and whatnot

Today, decided when I would wake up, or myphone did. falling asleep at 1am and waking up at 6am.. is not fun at all. So I decided to take the first class i had off and relaxed around the house for a bit before departing on my scholarly way to school. When driving there was this jerkoff who cut me off and pounded on his breaks. Wish there was some kind of gadget you could somehow punch them in the face through their steering wheel. Fast Forward atleast 30 mins and here I am relaxing in the beautiful weather that has hit South Fla. Finally that fall feeling has hit. Nice cool breeze and the sun is just enough to warm you a bit. My art appreciation teacher is amazing, first class i went to today. He makes my tues/thursdays might i add. His quirky humour and his spontaneous combustion of stories while he teaches greek, minoan, and micinean art. When the class ended I went straight to the food court. Hung out there for a bit, was about to leave when a buddy of mine caught glimpse of me and walked over. I am so glad he did, if i left i never would have seen the ambulance stretcher come. Something happened in the college kitchen and there was a bunch of paramedics and cops who went in the back. Sadly I did not get to catch a glimpse of WTF happened.

All and all.. not a bad day

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just figure I'd write about something different, even though I only wrote once about college. Since today I had only one class. Spanish 1, might i add the easiest class ever.. Anyways so my ATT Uverse has been acting a little wierd lately. The video sometimes gets choppy no matter what channel you tune it to. The ATT guy comes today, and fixes it. Apparently some box outside was turned off, or a "filter." He removed it and VUala(idk if thats how you spell it). ATT Uverse is actually a good service overall. The thing I do not like about ATT as a company is their phone service. They just overcharge people. My bill this month was 400$. For 4 phones.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

College Writing/my day

These blogs will consist on the daily life of a college student. Aswell as what I have learned.

Colleges, my college infact is full of ridiculous teachers who get paid to just sit and lecture. I believe there should be some minor reinforcement in any of their lessons. In my weather and climate class we had a discussion before the class like always. I feel bad for the poor teacher, all he does is try to help the students understand some new concepts about meterology. However the students are absolutely obnoxious and they do not listen to anything he says. With a look of dismay he still tries. I give him credit for even continuing on with these nasty kids..